Getting vulnerable and sharing ideas, thoughts, and resources for those interested in getting real, personal growth, and health.

Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a nurse, a mom, a wife, an athlete, and a musician. I have a 20+ year career in healthcare and have always been a seeker of knowledge. I have decided it’s time to speak up, speak out, share thoughts, and hopefully, resonate with someone.

When it’s not Rainbows and Sunshine, Feeling All the Feels

So far, much of what I’ve written about has been about engaging in life in a positive way. Tuning in, engaging, seeing the positive, sharing our experiences, and contributing to the world in a meaningful way. But let’s face it: Life is not all Rainbows and Sunshine. We aren’t always #livingourbestlife #blessed (read: sarcasm). Every… Continue reading When it’s not Rainbows and Sunshine, Feeling All the Feels

On being “All-In”

Y’all!! (Sorry, married to a Texan). This one is important! For reasons I’ll spare you for the sake of brevity, I have been laser-focused on tuning in to what matters to me and trying to show up fully in my interactions. This looks like saying yes when you mean it, saying no when you mean… Continue reading On being “All-In”


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