On being “All-In”

Y’all!! (Sorry, married to a Texan). This one is important!

For reasons I’ll spare you for the sake of brevity, I have been laser-focused on tuning in to what matters to me and trying to show up fully in my interactions. This looks like saying yes when you mean it, saying no when you mean it, and then being totally committed and “all-in” when a decision is made. No embarrassment, no self-judgment, total honesty, total vulnerability, and total attention to the present moment.

The only person’s opinion that matters is yours. Let the rest of it go.

Some may call this “being all in”, “being fully present”, “playing full out” “being fully committed”, “mindfulness”, “manifestation”, or what have you. To me, the nomenclature doesn’t matter, it’s the same intention with the same effect. And that effect is a total game changer! It will light you up! Sounds a little scary, right? I can assure you, that once you take this leap, “scary” will be reduced or vanish entirely. Like other concepts I’ve shared, I am not perfect at this. At all. But, when I’ve given it a true and honest effort, it is like my whole entire world has changed for the better. There is nothing but possibility.

First, let me be clear. I did not make this up. There are brilliant thought leaders and researchers who have shared this information with the world. Martha Beck, Wayne Dyer, and Byron Katie are just a few who’ve influenced my thinking on the subject in recent months, and there are many, many others. Here I’m combining their thoughts on “Integrity”, “Intention”, and “Loving What is”. In my view, their concepts are quite similar. I’ll share my view of the common themes and how to accomplish being “all-in”.

How? First and probably most importantly TUNE IN. Tune in to you. Get real about what you want and don’t want. Does it align with your values? What are your values? If you can’t answer that question, take some time to explore them. For me, if it feels right, really right, it aligns with my values. I ask myself, is this something that I want? Or something I am supposed to want? Or something I think others think I should want? If the answer is “nope, this is all me“, then it’s the right answer. Period. Pay attention to how you move through the day. Are you on autopilot? Or are you making conscious decisions by tuning in? You’ll be fascinated by what you find.

Second, listen to the information you receive. What is it telling you? How might it inform your choices? Pay deep attention to that information. Are you moving through the world because of “should’s” or other reasons? Are you having negative thoughts? If so, are those thoughts true? Or some version of the truth? Be honest. What if you changed your perspective? How does that impact the information you receive. Once you identify your soul’s desire, your purpose, and start letting it guide you, your world will truly change.

Third: Act. Trust that the information you’ve tuned into will take you in the right direction. Ask yourself, “what would I do if the possibilities were limitless”? Believe that they can become true. Thinking in this way is fun, not work, I promise! Then, act as if it’s already occurred, even if the goal or purpose isn’t totally clear. Continue to take small or large steps to make your dreams a reality. Even the tiniest step can have a huge impact. The third step is one that people often miss. They “wish” and “want” but never take the action. Instead, start believing and acting as if your dreams have already come true.

One important caveat: Do so fearlessly! Skip the “what if” and “what was”. They are unnecessary and often harmful. Just let it go. But how? One powerful technique I’ve used in my own life is to realize and believe that others genuinely want the best for me and don’t expect me to be perfect. Do you want the best for your friends? I bet you do. Do you expect perfection? Nope. Do you judge friends that follow their passions, even if it seems out of the norm? No way! You’re psyched for them! Thinking in that way allows me to be free, vulnerable, and, “all-in”. I’ve been able to sing loud and proud, take a deep dive during self-exploration work, be confident when making hard decisions, or be totally tuned in with friends or during a yoga class. The list could go on. Sounds like a good day in progress? Yes, it is!

Put all of that on repeat, even if in the smallest ways, and it has the power to totally transform your life.

Lastly, I’d like to share how my wise-beyond-her-years 13 -year old daughter has impacted me on this topic as well. In her version: “you just gotta go for it, and be all in, or you won’t enjoy it“. Smart girl.  

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