2211: The Universe is Talking

The Universe has infinite wisdom and is there to guide us to our highest potential. All we just have to do is pay attention, and believe. This one might get a little “woo woo” so if that’s not your thing, it’s all good by me. And if you prefer, insert God, or spiritual being, or whatever you like for “Universe”.

So on to today’s thoughts.

Well, that was interesting… I started today’s post, unsure of exactly where to take it. Should I title it “I am vs. I want”? Should I talk about the power of meditation, identifying emotions that do not serve, and then letting them go? I’ll come back to those topics at another time I’m sure. Today, I felt compelled to write but was unsure what to hone in on.

And then, the Universe decided on a topic for me. I stepped away from my computer for lunch and returned to see the title “2211” saved as a draft. Hmm… I thought. I must have accidentally hit a couple numbers on my keyboard. That is strange. What the heck, I’ll look it up.

I typed “2211” in my search bar and all the results pointed to 2211 as an “Angel Number”. My search showed things like: The angels are aware and grateful for your efforts, and You will be presented with new opportunities for new beginnings, improved relationships, and positive thinking. “Use this invitation to explore new ways of thinking and to remain open to changing our habits, thoughts, and perspective. Use the opportunity to connect with your spiritual self and change your mindset”, another website said. I’m sure a numerologist or another expert could state this more clearly. But in any case: Sounds good! Let’s do it!

You may be thinking… ok so you bumped a couple numbers on your keyboard. So what? Part of me is thinking the same thing. But here’s the other part of the story. This week, I’ve been doing some work around making some positive changes, and have incorporated (or tried at least) daily meditation to focus on those changes. This morning, in particular, I did a powerful (like the move you to tears kind) meditation. I am focusing on thoughts and behaviors that do not serve me, and ones that have been recurrent and ingrained for years. Stuff I really want to change so I can show up in the world as a better human being. I’ve asked the Universe to guide me, and am trusting the process. And I think I’m getting some answers. Earlier today, I had a surprise and MUCH welcomed schedule changed that allowed me to focus on what’s important: my health and wellness, and my family.

And now, 2211 presents itself to me. For me, the jury’s still out on “signs” like this one. But what I do believe for certain is that there is immense, immeasurable value in tuning in to your surroundings, your gut, and your heart. I’ve talked about this before and will probably talk about it again. If we move through life in habitual, unconscious ways, with thoughts that do not serve us, the results will be predictable. We will be unfulfilled, unhappy, unhealthy, checked out and numb. If we work towards using a more conscious, tuned-in approach, with a positive mindset, and then act upon the information that is presented to us, life will show us its beauty in ways we never could have dreamed of.

Today is not the first time I’ve experienced something like this. There have been several times in my life where I’ve asked and received: Needed a job change, asked the questions and something beyond my wildest dreams was offered. This has actually happened to me three times in different ways. Was injured, asked the Universe “why” and “show me a sign” and my life was set on a totally different and definitely better path. Needed some additional money, asked the questions, and was presented with options outside of what I’d ever conceived. You get the idea.

I ask you friends: What can you do today to tune in pay attention and use the information to your advantage. Is it a meditation? A walk in the woods? A “yes” somewhere in your life or a “no”? A conversation with a friend? Whatever gets you there, that’s up to you. Tune in and let me know the results! I am so curious and can’t wait to hear! Tell me about times in the past when you’ve asked and received and I’ll do the same.

Today, my entire day was shifted because of one, 15-minute meditation. If we could tune in and deeply listen, and BELIEVE it’s possible, even 10% of the time, imagine the possibilities!

Need more science, less “woo woo”? Check out the research on neuroplasticity, epigenetics and quantum law. Dr. Joe Dispenza is a fantastic source of information as well


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